Kellee Grimes - Headshots


Kellee Grimes was interviewed in Omaha Magazine and was in need of headshots.

And while she already had a go-to image of herself she liked, she needed high resolution images for the magazine’s printer.

Omaha Headshot Photographer - Downtown Scout Photography

Kellee could now use the headshots for print, but also online (Twitter, Linkedin, internal company communications).

This is important because headshots are the new business cards, making a first impression before any face-to-fact interaction.

Without a quality portrait, a professional will be misrepresented.

Downtown Scout Photography
Downtown Scout Photography
Kellee Grimes Headshots - Downtown Scout Photography
Nebraska Headshot Photographer - Downtown Scout Photography
Omaha Portrait Photographer.jpg

Though the term “personal brand” can seem cliché to some, every business professional has one and should curate it well.

Brands are only as strong as their weakest touchpoint, don’t let that touchpoint be your headshot.


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