Gerlich Family

The Gerlichs are straight up great people to be around- laid-back, adventurous, compassionate, and so fun. We felt so honored to help them celebrate the arrival of their newest family member, baby Niko. He was a little over a month old when we took these photos and was just starting to smile for the first time (our hearts melted over the photo of him smiling while his mama gave him a kiss!). Also, shoutout to big brother Maxwell for being our entertainment during the session. You can't help but laugh and feel happy when you're around Maxwell. Thanks for checking out these photos friends, we're pumped to share them with you!

Proplesch Family

We got the chance to snap some quick photos of the Proplesch family a few months back, and let me tell you...they were absolute troopers. It was a cold and windy day but they made the best of it and were laughing throughout our session. Fun people = fun photoshoot no matter the weather. Thanks, Proplesch family!


Guatemala in Film (Part One)

Jesse traveled to Guatemala about a month ago and learned about the country's history and culture. Not only was he inspired by the resilience of the country, but was also moved by the local Guatemalans that he met. These photos were mostly taken in Guatemala City and a few in Antigua. Below are a few images from the 7 rolls of film he shot while on the trip. This is part one in a two part series. 

Centered In The City

Here are a few photos from an event that I (Jesse) had the chance to shoot for an intriguing organization called Centered In The City (founded by Kellye Kuh & Wade Brill). Not only was this a great event to shoot, but it was inspiring to see how much energy was in the room. 

Peyt and I definitely think that in this busy world we need rhythms and practices that will help us stay grounded and sane. Centered in The City is the rare kind of company that seems to have a heart for those ideals.

Check their site out here!


Seattle in Film (Round 2)

Shooting with a digital camera is nothing less than amazing. Being able to take unlimited shots simply insane. However, we've found that shooting with professional film causes us to slow down, focus, and make each shot really count.

In fact, we feel that we have a lot to learn by going the "old school" route. Sometimes the original way is best. 

Cheers to homemade bread, vinyl records, home-roasted coffee, wood fireplaces, and film. 

(Here a few shots of film from some local spots... Pike Place Market, Rattlesnake Lake, and Red Mill Burgers) 


While on a trip back to the motherland (Nebraska) I was able to stop by Pheasant Run stables in Elkhorn and grab some shots of Caitlyn out riding. Her mom asked me to stop by and catch a few of her on the jumps. 

Caitlyn's face lights up when you ask her about the horses and it definitely isn't surprising to see why she loves it because she hits each jump like a pro!

Way to go kid!